USA | IStJ | i produce merch and mod stuff

About ME

  • Hihi, I'm Kim, a university student who's a little too obsessed with enamel pins and fandom projects.

  • education major + english minor

  • pronouns: she/her

  • personality type: ISTJ

  • age: 20+

  • location: USA, GMT-10

  • languages: ENG/中文

Primary Fandoms

  • Danmei: MXTX | 2HA

  • Anime: BSD | KNY | SNK | HQ

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SOLO PROJECTS: Projects that I run essentially solo and do not have an end date.

Group Ordersmisc.2019 - 2023retired
Danmei Merchdanmei2020 -ongoing
Anime Pinsmisc.2021-ongoing

ONGOING PROJECTS: Projects that are currently in progress.
Listed chronologically, not by level of involvement.

Heron's Court: An Ayaka Zinesocial media, shippingGenshin2022-2023Production
Unbreakable: A KNY Siblings Zineorganization, writing, shippingKNY2022-2023Shipping
2024 Ranwan Calendarorganization, finance, production, shipping, social media2HA2023-2024Shipping
Bingpup Bakeryorganization, finance, production, shipping, social mediaSVSSS2023-2024Creation
Kogarashi: A SKK Angst ZineshippingBSD2023-2024Apps Closed
Soar: A Levi Zineorganization, shipping, social mediaSNK2023-2024Interest Check

COMPLETED PROJECTS: Projects that are completely finished.
Complete - when the entire project is done, not just when my own role is fulfilled.

Tsubaki: A SKK Flower Zinefinance, production, social mediaBSD2021-2022
PICW: A SV Cookbook Zineorganization, productionSVSSS2021-2022
Seasons of Love: 2023 MXTX Calendarorganization, finance, production, shipping, social mediaMXTX2022-2023
Stray Memories: A BSD Zineshipping, writingBSD2021-2023
Yuuki: A Langa Artbookorganization, production, social mediaSk82021-2023
Timeless Bonds: A Free! ZineshippingFree!2021-2023
Bingpupbox Vol. 1organization, production, social mediaSVSSS2021-2023
Morte: A Nico di Angelo ZineshippingPJO2022-2023
Force of Gravity: A Chuuya Zinesocial media, writingBSD2022-2023
TGCF Cookbook Zineorganization, production, social media, shippingTGCF2022-2023

If you'd like to contact me about zine/project involvement,
feel free to message me on social media or send me an email at [email protected].


Favorite Ships (not an extensive list)

  • hualian, soukoku, rivaereri, sakuatsu, sunaosa, kuroken, rinharu, kokonui, obamitsu, hakyona, horimiya

Feel free to check out my favorite things to watch, read, and listen to!


are lgbtq-phobic
are anti-any religion
are racist/sexist
support/defend pedophilia, incest, abuse, etc.
openly hate on characters
spread toxicity or cause unnecessary drama
I am constantly curating the virtual spaces I occupy as a form of self-protection, and as such, I am liberal with the block/mute options. While there may be personal reasons behind this, many times it is not the case. Please keep this in mind, thank you.However, if i step out of line or offend you, please do not hesitate to send me a message about it so we can talk it out privately and sort matters out maturely.